Black and Purple Xbox One Modded Controller


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Our Xbox One Modded Controllers are backed by months and months of research, testing and development to make sure we are offering our customers the absolute best products on the market. We believe a Modded Controller should be something that improves your gameplay not something that's set on the shelf and picked up just to show off. At Crazy Controllerz' we design our Rapid Fire Controllers 100% for the gamer. They work flawlessly during game play so that you aren't slowed down a bit. You made the right choice by choosing Crazy Controllerz. Our controllers include tons of great features. These features include DropShot, Mimic, Auto-Aim Zombies, QuickScope, Sniper Breath, Rapid Fire Mod, 2-Way Adjustable Burst, Instant On/Off and tons more. Plus, we back each of our controllers with a lifetime warranty so you can feel safe purchasing.


  • 10 Modes of Rapid Fire (Fastest Possible Speeds for all Call of Duty Games)
  • Three Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Includes Sniper Breath, DropShot, QuickScope, Rapid Fire, Auto Aim Zombies, and More!
  • Compatible with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and all other Call of Duty Games
  • Features 100% undetectable Rapid Fire at the fastest speeds available


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