BW® 2.4G Wireless Color Video Transmitter


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Wireless receiver transmitter takes no trouble with running video cable.
Mainly used for wireless connection on light vehicles for video output to monitor, head unit, DVD player and camera, etc.
Parameter-Receiver/transmitter frequency: 2370MHZ;
Power output: 100MW;
Voltage: DC=12V;
Video IN/OUT: PAL/NTSC composite video signal;
Signal range: 100M (in jam-free open areas);
Working TEMP: -20°C- +80°C;
Receiver sensitivity: -85Dbm;
Working current: DC=12V 200mA;
GPS power out: DC=5V 1.5A;
AV OUT interface: RCA jack.
Package List:
1 x Wireless Receiver
1 x Wireless Transmitter


  • Wireless RCA Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit for Car Rear View Camera
  • Wireless RCA Video receiver/transmitter; avoid complicated wiring, to be used with in-car monitor, head unit, DVD player and camera, etc.
  • Receiver/transmitter frequency: 2370MHZ
  • AV IN/OUT: PAL/NTSC composite video signal, RCA jack
  • Receiver/transmitter distance: 100M (in jam-free open areas)


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