LotFancy® 3.5 inch TFT LCD Car Video Monitor


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- Screen Size: 3.5 inch
- Display Size: 4:3
- Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
- Color Model: RGB
- Power Supply: DC 12V
- Power Consumption: 0.53W
- Video System: PAL/NTSC
- Unit Size: 4.37"W x 2.87"H x0.75"D
- Unit Weight: 3.74oz / 106g

1. Find the power lines from the driving room, cut off the power of car;
2. Find the power line from the reverse light, make sure the voltage is 12V +;
3. Connect the monitor power line to the reverse light power line, anode to anode, cathode to cathode,
then fix the cables with the rubberized fabric;
4. Connect the power lines as before.

-No Audio input or output.
- There are 2 RCA video inputs, one of which connects to VCD/DVD player called 'V1' and the other one connects
to the backup camera called 'V2'. V1 will display first, but when you reverse your car, it will automatically switch
into V2 and when you stop reversing, it will return to V1 again.

Package includes:
- 1 x 3.5" LCD Monitor
- 1 x Power Cable
- 1 x User Manual


  • 3.5 inch 4:3 Exquisite designed, portable and reliable
  • High Resolution, and excellent color effect
  • Compatible with both PAL and NTSC system
  • 2-Channel video input (V1 for DVD player/V2 for backup camera), automatically switch
  • Available for car VCD, DVD, GPS, etc. and especially designed to connect to your car camera.


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